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Nationally Recognized for Representing Whistleblowers

The Law Firm of Wilbanks & Bridges has developed a nationally acclaimed qui tam practice. These “whistleblower suits” as they are commonly referred to, have been the primary focus of our practice since 1996, resulting in the successful return of almost $2 billion dollars to the American taxpayer. Whistleblower cases routinely involve the firm’s representation of individuals who come forward with information concerning various frauds committed against the government, often involving Medicare or Medicaid fraud. The successful results we’ve obtained for our clients have been the subject of national TV coverage, newspaper articles and legal periodicals across the country over the last decade. »See Our Experience

In The NewsWilbanks & Bridges recently named “Whistleblower Lawyers of the Year”

MBW-TAF-Lawyer-of-the-year_smWilbanks & Bridges was recognized as Whistleblower Lawyers of the Year by it’s peers for its successes in furthering the goals of whistleblowers and the False Claims Act over the last year. The prestigious award was presented AT the 14th Annual Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund conference this week. The firm was recognized for the significant litigation results and settlements obtained over the last year which resulted in over $300 Million Dollars being recovered for the American taxpayers. The firm was also recognized for its efforts in reaching an $85 Million Dollar settlement with Halifax Hospital in Florida, which stands as the largest single Stark settlement recovery ever obtained under the False Claims Act. Read More…

W&B is at the forefront of winning big cases
without government intervention:

Defendant Davita agrees to settlement in principle for $450 Million in case argued by Wilbanks & Bridges.
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Marlan Wilbanks

Marlan Wilbanks, Esq.

Marlan is currently acting as lead counsel in important qui tam cases that are filed in over 16 federal and state courts across the nation. He has handled whistleblower litigation matters against numerous individuals and large companies that have committed fraudulent acts against the government in federal courts and many state courts, including cases from California to Florida.

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Ty M. Bridges

Ty M. Bridges, Esq.

Mr. Bridges has substantial experience in business and corporate matters, which includes contracts, leasing and business formation. He is experienced in many aspects of state and federal FCA actions. He has served as general counsel for several major corporations that operate throughout the United States. His broad experiences prepared him to represent whistleblowers in many different types of cases.

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Susan Gouinlock

Susan Gouinlock, Esq.

Susan S. Gouinlock has represented whistleblowers for more than ten years. Susan joined Wilbanks & Bridges in 2011 and became a partner in 2013. Her legal career has been successful and diverse, including a unique mixture of working for the government as a lawyer as well as years of representing individuals and businesses in highly regulated environments, including for example spending six (6) years as in-house general counsel to a major corporation.
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